Whether due to severe storm damage or years of wear and tear, when you have a roofing problem that needs to be fixed now, Excel Roofing Inspections will be at your home fast and will fix it right the first time. Our roof repair experts have been serving ID for years. Over the years we have put together a fully-trained service department completely dedicated to the several types of roof problems that typically need repair.

We have full-time roof repair specialists with many years of experience who are, trained, drug tested, and wearing clean uniforms when they show up at your door. Our experienced roof repair experts will diagnose a problem and then fix it right the first time so you can be confident your home is protected.

Honest & Dependable Solutions

We highly recommended having a roof inspection done at least twice a year, as well as after any significant weather events. At a minimum, have an inspector check out your roof in the spring and the fall – before and after the extreme weather conditions in the winter and summer. A professional will be able to tell you if there are potential problems with your roof and help you make the decisions for your next steps.

A leaking roof does not usually need a replacement. In many situations, a small, much less expensive repair can stop existing leaks. Our team of technicians will present honest and dependable repair solutions concerning everything from a slow leak to storm damage. We strive to resolve any roofing issues the first time and provide labor and material warranties on all of our jobs.