A professional roof inspection helps save you money on your investment. Our expert team conducts an in-depth inspection of the entire roofing system to identify any damage or causes of failure in the future. We’ll also provide an accurate estimate of repair costs. A proper roof inspection is one of the most important services you can conduct on your home as it lets you know exactly what’s going on in an area where you otherwise cannot check yourself.

During your roof inspection, a licensed roof inspector will follow our strict process to complete your assessment. Our team is experienced in working with all types and materials of roofs, including shingles, cedar, asphalt, and more. We’ll inspect the structural integrity of your roof. Contact Excel Roofing Inspections today to schedule your roof inspection for your home.

Ensure Your Assets are Covered by the Best Certified Roofers in Nampa, ID

A professional with years of roofing inspection experience can help you spot even the most in-depth signs of damage. An inexperienced individual may not be able to notice all of the issues with your roof, costing you more down the road in hiring another inspector and paying more in repairs that could have been avoided if noticed earlier.

Our team can point out current signs of wear as well as potential problems that can arise in the future, as well as keep you up to date on the condition of your roof. We check for any installation defects, worn or missing shingles, and all types of problems that need to be addressed.